Search Process

We create each search to fit our client's specific goals; this flexibility is one of the keys to our success. However, certain basic elements are part of every search.

Needs Assessment

We begin with an in-depth assessment of your organization and your needs. Knowing you is critical to making an excellent match with a qualified candidate. We learn your structure and culture, study your strategic goals, understand your leadership needs. We interview members of your management team and the people who will interact most directly with the person in the position to be filled; we visit on-site to gain direct experience and insight. This early phase of the search is also the time for developing goals and timelines, for creating strategic paths around any possible roadblocks, and for creating a written report which, once approved, can be shared with interested candidates.

Identification of Candidates

We use our extensive proprietary database plus various other networks including professional associations to target potential candidates across all key industries. We connect with candidates by telephone, email, targeted direct mail, and when appropriate, advertising, and single out the individuals with experience and skills that fit your unique needs.

Evaluation of Candidates

Once we have an initial pool of identified candidates, we use extensive telephone interviews to screen and evaluate each one, not only for compatibility with your specific organization but for serious interest in the position. This narrows the group of candidates further and singles out candidates who are most likely to fill your position successfully.

Verification of Candidates' Backgrounds and Credentials

We do in-depth research on each candidate, which includes speaking with current and former employers to gain a consensus on the candidate's management style, skills and strengths. Naturally we also verify each candidate's academic degrees, and professional licenses and certifications.

Presentation of Candidates

Within thirty to sixty days, we will have further narrowed the search to a handpicked group of candidates who are the most qualified for your position, the best matches for your criteria, and who have a demonstrated serious interest in your position. You will be presented with resumes and detailed reports on our interviews and screening process for each candidate. Because we will have talked to each candidate quite extensively at this point, we will be able to discuss each one's qualifications and background with you in detail.

Interviews and Negotiation

Once you have selected the candidates you wish to interview in person, we offer guidance, feedback and insights to help you narrow the field. Our experience and broad knowledge of current practices and conditions in the healthcare field is at your service as you negotiate terms, salary, benefits, and other issues.



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